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Worth Meadow




Worth Meadow, Ilfracombe is a newly submitted scheme for 46 units located conveniently close to the Ilfracombe Academy Secondary school. 

The scheme has already been allocated on the local plan by the local authority in 2018. The local plan identifies strategic land within North Devon which has been identified for housing. Poltair Homes following the local plans adoption have designed a scheme fitting for a coastal town which we believe will further boost Ilfracombe's prestigious nature. 

46 New Homes
Including Affordable Homes)

Considered impact upon the landscape

Design Led - Homes featuring unique features


We completely appreciate that new housing development and construction can be a daunting and off putting thought. The land which has been submitted for planning permission has been identified by the local authority to be built on. We felt as a company we could take our design ethos and make something truly great for Ilfracombe, rather than standard uninspiring boxes we see so regularly. The choice of materials, shape and form, overall appearance on the landscape has been considered over a period of 18 months prior to submission.

We hope that given the land will be built on one day, you will share our vision to make this scheme something extraordinary. 

All elements of the scheme have been considered including ecology, landscape impact assessment, drainage. We have commissioned extensive reports and produced mitigation measures for all of the above. We anticipate for items such as drainage, our scheme will reduce the risk of flooding in the town by incorporating onsite underground water storage tanks to stop the speed of flow of water leaving the development, taking the pressure of the drainage system further down in the town. We have worked with engineers and South West water to have these measures approved. 

We are a local company of which a director lives in the town himself so therefore preservation of the towns visual impact was imperative. However we understand that what was once a field to then be turned into homes can be difficult to visualise how this is a benefit. 

For this reason below we are asking you to show your views on the design. You are free to comment in any matter you wish to express your opinion. We do ask that comments are made upon the basis of the design rather than the principal of development as the principal of development on this land was set by the local authority and not by us.

We also appreciate the loss of ecological value can be seen negatively. When land is submitted for planning prior to any drawing ever being considered, a full ecological survey has taken place. This effectively means we have assessed using third party qualified consultants what remediation is required to protect ecology from the land. 

Ecology investigated and mitigations implemented

Drainage solutions, investigated, and solutions approved

Design Led - Homes featuring unique features

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